MPI Claims Resource

At Macdonald Auto Body, we know that being involved in an accident can be a very frightening and stressful experience. While we hope you don't encounter any misfortune on the road, we are here to help you should you be involved in an accident, whether it is a smaller fender bender or a major collision.


Claims for Damages, Losses or Injuries

If you find yourself involved in an accident, start by exchanging particulars and attending to any immediate concerns. Make sure your vehicle is moved to the right side of the road to let other traffic pass.  Fill out an on-the-spot accident report form (download our free accident information sheet here) to record details and call MPI promptly to report the accident.

Inside Winnipeg: 985-7000

Outside Winnipeg (toll free): 1.800.665.2410

Out-of-Province (toll free): 1.800.661.6051

Remember to have the following information available when reporting an accident:

  • Your vehicle registration and the driver's licence of whoever was driving vehicle
  • Details of your accident 
  • Details of other vehicles and drivers involved
  • Information on any witnesses


When Do You Need to Notify the Police?

When you contact MPI to submit your claim, they will alert you if there is a need to report the accident to the police.  For small fender-bender accidents, there is no need to involve the police.  However, if your accident involves the following, you must report it to the police:

  • Fatality
  • Hospitalization Due to Injury Caused by Accident
  • Unlicensed Driver or Unregistered Vehicle
  • Unidentifed Vehicle (in the case of a hit and run)
  • Failure to Get the Other Party's Information
  • If Alcohol or Drugs was Involved


For more information on the claims procedure, visit Manitoba Public Insurance.