Summer is a great time, even if it is really short in Manitoba!

Long weekends, time at the lake with friends, a bonfire in the evening, and a couple of cool beverages to cool off after a long day having fun. This is the stuff that summer is made of.

There are, however, some rather sobering statistics about road safety in the summer.  For instance, on the average Friday leading to along weekend one person is killed and 30 injured on Manitoba roads.  One in three fatal accidents in the Province are related to alcohol, and nearly half of them involve someone under 25. Continue reading

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Parking lots are hazardous places, and your vehicle is going to get door dings, small dents from shopping carts, and the occasional unexplained divot.  In Winnipeg, we get hail. If your car gets caught in it, there will be bumps and bangs.

Sure, we have to get the big stuff fixed. But if we turn a blind eye to the little damage then the problem could potentially affect the overall resale value of the car, and sometimes even the overall performance of the car.

That’s where Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) comes in.  We will use body picks and metal rods to repair the damage from behind.  No filling, sanding or painting necessary.  Paintless Dent Repair is an economical way to fix the “little ones” that usually get ignored, maintaining your car’s appearance and value. Because there’s no disruption to the car’s paint, you’ll be able to keep the factory finish looking showroom new.

Macdonald Auto Body has been taking care of Manitoba’s auto body repair needs for 70 years, and can accommodate any auto body or auto glass repair or replacement.  They have a fleet of 25 courtesy vehicles that can be booked by customers while having their repairs done.  Macdonald is fully accredited by MPI.

Come on in and find out how easily and economically those bothersome bumps and bruises can be taken care of.  Macdonald Auto Body is located at 1310 St. James Street in Winnipeg.  You can book an appointment online, or by calling (204)783-5407.

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Did you know that drivers who are engaged in texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in crashes than non-distracted drivers? 80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes are due to some form of driver inattention.

To keep our streets safe, the Province of Manitoba has announced that effective July 1st, drivers caught using their hand-held electronic devices will soon be assessed 5 demerits from the current 2 demerits. Continue reading

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Macdonald Auto Body offers same day service to repair chipped windshields. This process involves filling and sealing the damaged area to prevent it from progressing.  This is a huge money saver and is an environmentally friendly alternative to completely replacing your windshield.

As an MPI-Certified eGlass claims shop, we can take care of all your auto glass needs with a single call and you can skip calling the MPI contact line first.

Macdonald has been in the Auto Glass business for 70 years, providing excellent service to Manitobans. If your auto glass can’t be repaired, they will coordinate its replacement using only products that meet or exceed OEM standards for your vehicle.

The next time you hear the telltale sound of windshield chip damage, call Macdonald Auto Body at (204)783-5407.

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Autobody Repair, Collision Repair Winnipeg, MPI accredited repair facility

Serving Winnipeg for over 70 years, we are an MPI Accredited Repair Facility and we want to help you during the very stressful time of fixing your automobile.

As an Accredited Repair Shop we are required to meet certain expectations, but we look forward to exceeding standards to ensure each and every customer is completely satisfied.  Our Gold Class Certification means our personnel have taken the appropriate training courses and are proficient in all areas of auto body repair including, unibody repair, new metals and plastics repair, and the latest finishing techniques including application of new waterborne paints.

We offer state of the art facilities and equipment, and a staff with a combined experience of more than 125 years in the industry.  All of our services, including those administered as part of MPI auto glass or auto body claims service are guaranteed in writing for as long as you own your vehicle.

In addition to stellar auto body and paint service, we maintain a fleet of vehicles to loan to customers while their cars are being repaired, Not only will we fix your car and wash it before we return it, but we will provide you with a free can of touch-up paint, just in case.

It’s your car or truck, and you want it fixed right.  You can choose any Auto Body Repair shop.  But we’re sure that once you meet our knowledgeable and professional staff and see our equipment and facilities, which are topnotch, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Macdonald Auto Body has been serving Winnipeg for 70 years.  We are located at 1310 St. James Street.  Connect online or call us, our telephone number is (204) 783-5407.

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Paintless Dent Repair Services Winnipeg, Macdonald Autobody

Paint on a car is an integral part of the presentation and an essential step in the auto body repair process. The polished and finished look will have people raving about your car and with it comes a certain level of pride to the owner of the vehicle.

Auto manufacturers have spent years researching paint materials and techniques, because they know that quality paint in the showroom will mean sales on the show room floor.

Here at Macdonald Auto Body we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we can replicate your car’s factory-perfect finish. We use the latest innovations in automotive painting, and our facility uses advanced Downdraft Airflow Technology.

Downdraft Airflow Technology takes fresh air into the booth from the top, filtered, and drawn out through the bottom which is vented safely away from your car.  This means that dust and debris, as well as “oversprayed” paint particles don’t have the opportunity to settle on the freshly painted surface.

Automotive manufacturers have recently recognized that newer, waterborne paints can achieve better results than traditional solvent based paints.  In addition, they contain far fewer Volatile Organic Compounds, which are an environmentally damaging byproduct of auto painting.  By following suit and adopting waterborne technology, we’ve been able to reduce our impact, and improve our service.

Whether your car or truck needs paint to repair some collision damage or corrosion, or if you’re just after that new car look and want to repair some fading paint colour, Macdonald’s state-of-the-art paint facility and highly trained and experienced technicians can match existing paint precisely, and make your vehicle look better than ever.

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The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and that itch to get out for a cruise is beckoning.

Before we go exploring with the family we need to make sure our vehicle is ready to handle our excitement.  Most recommendations come with the associated miles on your car but some standard checks should be annual or even semi-annual in order for your automobile to perform.

  • Cooling System Check – make sure the coolant levels are up, and that the temperature gauge doesn’t climb out of the “normal” zone.  Nothing is worse than sitting by the side of the road watching steam coming from underneath the hood.
  • Windshield Wipers/Fluid – You never know when it’s going to rain, or when you’ll have to wipe some of Manitoba’s world famous insect life off your windshield.  Make sure you can see clearly.
  • Emergency kit – check to make sure you have what you need to deal with an adverse situation. A charged cellphone with available time can be a literal life-saver, and a map, some water, and a first aid kit are absolute musts.

Let’s all enjoy a safe and carefree motoring this summer.  Should something go wrong, we’re the best place for paintless dent repair, windshield chip repair, and all types of auto body repair.  We work hard to offer a superb customer service experience so we offer free shuttle service within Winnipeg, and a fleet of replacement vehicles that you can booked when booking your appointment.

Macdonald Auto Body is located at 1310 St. James Street in Winnipeg, or to book your appointment call us at (204) 783-5407.

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Macdonald Autobody Winnipeg, Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction, Going the extra mileWe have taken care of Winnipegers and their Auto Body and Glass Repair services for over 70 years and we want to continue going the extra mile for many years to come.

We provide free shuttle pick-up and drop-off in Winnipeg, and maintains a fleet of replacement cars that can be booked upon service request.

We will coordinate your entire repair; including ordering parts ahead of time so that your car doesn’t spend time sitting needlessly around the lot while something’s on order.  As an MPI certified shop, we will coordinate your claim, including eglass repair service, on your behalf, and upon completion of the repair your car will be polished and cleaned.

We at Macdonald Auto Body value the loyalty we’ve received from our customers, and work hard at giving back to the community.  The shop is proud to sponsor the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Cancer Care Manitoba.

When you book a repair at Macdonald Auto Body, you can be sure that everyone who works there is truly interested in making sure you have the best possible experience while in their shop. Macdonald Auto Body is located at 1310 St. James Street in Winnipeg, and call us at (204) 783-5407.

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We see it all the time, a tiny little window chip that people ignore and a few years later it has developed into a spiderweb across the windshield. These can affect your ability to properly see and actually compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.

If you have a $200 deductible or less, MPI will cover the cost of your windshield repair for free.  It just doesn’t make sense to put it off.

We will offer same day service to repair chipped windshields.  The windshield chip repair process involves filling the damaged area in and sealing it so that the damage doesn’t progress.  This process saves money and inconvenience, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to complete replacement.  As an MPI-Certified eGlass claims shop, we will take care of all your auto glass needs and will call MPI for you.

If your auto glass can’t be repaired, they will coordinate its replacement using only products that meet or exceed OEM standards for your vehicle. Connect online or call us at (204)783-5407.

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From all of us at Macdonald Auto Body we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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