Getting Ready for the Summer Highway

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and that itch to get out for a cruise is beckoning.

Before we go exploring with the family we need to make sure our vehicle is ready to handle our excitement.  Most recommendations come with the associated miles on your car but some standard checks should be annual or even semi-annual in order for your automobile to perform.

  • Cooling System Check – make sure the coolant levels are up, and that the temperature gauge doesn’t climb out of the “normal” zone.  Nothing is worse than sitting by the side of the road watching steam coming from underneath the hood.
  • Windshield Wipers/Fluid – You never know when it’s going to rain, or when you’ll have to wipe some of Manitoba’s world famous insect life off your windshield.  Make sure you can see clearly.
  • Emergency kit – check to make sure you have what you need to deal with an adverse situation. A charged cellphone with available time can be a literal life-saver, and a map, some water, and a first aid kit are absolute musts.

Let’s all enjoy a safe and carefree motoring this summer.  Should something go wrong, we’re the best place for paintless dent repair, windshield chip repair, and all types of auto body repair.  We work hard to offer a superb customer service experience so we offer free shuttle service within Winnipeg, and a fleet of replacement vehicles that you can booked when booking your appointment.

Macdonald Auto Body is located at 1310 St. James Street in Winnipeg, or to book your appointment call us at (204) 783-5407.

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