Superior Paint Technology at Macdonald Auto Body

Paintless Dent Repair Services Winnipeg, Macdonald Autobody

Paint on a car is an integral part of the presentation and an essential step in the auto body repair process. The polished and finished look will have people raving about your car and with it comes a certain level of pride to the owner of the vehicle.

Auto manufacturers have spent years researching paint materials and techniques, because they know that quality paint in the showroom will mean sales on the show room floor.

Here at Macdonald Auto Body we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we can replicate your car’s factory-perfect finish. We use the latest innovations in automotive painting, and our facility uses advanced Downdraft Airflow Technology.

Downdraft Airflow Technology takes fresh air into the booth from the top, filtered, and drawn out through the bottom which is vented safely away from your car.  This means that dust and debris, as well as “oversprayed” paint particles don’t have the opportunity to settle on the freshly painted surface.

Automotive manufacturers have recently recognized that newer, waterborne paints can achieve better results than traditional solvent based paints.  In addition, they contain far fewer Volatile Organic Compounds, which are an environmentally damaging byproduct of auto painting.  By following suit and adopting waterborne technology, we’ve been able to reduce our impact, and improve our service.

Whether your car or truck needs paint to repair some collision damage or corrosion, or if you’re just after that new car look and want to repair some fading paint colour, Macdonald’s state-of-the-art paint facility and highly trained and experienced technicians can match existing paint precisely, and make your vehicle look better than ever.

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