Taking the Sting Out of Auto Body Repair – Consider Paintless Dent Removal

Parking lots are hazardous places, and your vehicle is going to get door dings, small dents from shopping carts, and the occasional unexplained divot.  In Winnipeg, we get hail. If your car gets caught in it, there will be bumps and bangs.

Sure, we have to get the big stuff fixed. But if we turn a blind eye to the little damage then the problem could potentially affect the overall resale value of the car, and sometimes even the overall performance of the car.

That’s where Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) comes in.  We will use body picks and metal rods to repair the damage from behind.  No filling, sanding or painting necessary.  Paintless Dent Repair is an economical way to fix the “little ones” that usually get ignored, maintaining your car’s appearance and value. Because there’s no disruption to the car’s paint, you’ll be able to keep the factory finish looking showroom new.

Macdonald Auto Body has been taking care of Manitoba’s auto body repair needs for 70 years, and can accommodate any auto body or auto glass repair or replacement.  They have a fleet of 25 courtesy vehicles that can be booked by customers while having their repairs done.  Macdonald is fully accredited by MPI.

Come on in and find out how easily and economically those bothersome bumps and bruises can be taken care of.  Macdonald Auto Body is located at 1310 St. James Street in Winnipeg.  You can book an appointment online, or by calling (204)783-5407.

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