Summer Driving Safety Tips

Summer is a great time, even if it is really short in Manitoba!

Long weekends, time at the lake with friends, a bonfire in the evening, and a couple of cool beverages to cool off after a long day having fun. This is the stuff that summer is made of.

There are, however, some rather sobering statistics about road safety in the summer.  For instance, on the average Friday leading to along weekend one person is killed and 30 injured on Manitoba roads.  One in three fatal accidents in the Province are related to alcohol, and nearly half of them involve someone under 25.

Drinking and driving is never an option.  If you’re attending an event where you want to enjoy some alcoholic beverages, always make a plan for safe transportation home.  Choose public transportation, call a cab, get a ride with a friend, or spend the night. If you’re at a party and you haven’t been drinking, you can always be someone else’s safe ride home.  Don’t let anyone drive under the influence!

To stay safe this and every summer, stay alcohol-free on the roads, put the cellphone away (fully ¼ of accidents are related to distracted driving), and buckle up.  Take summer driving slow and easy – speeding drivers are far more likely to have an accident.  Also, bear in mind that it’s construction season.  Reduce speed, and increase you level of attention in a work zone.

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